The 5 Best Bongs to Buy in 2020 (In-Depth Reviews)


good bongTired of cheap, fragile, or harsh hitting bongs? When it comes to production pieces, the best glass bongs are quality controlled for function, safety, and durability. Many first-time bong buyers go with the most affordable option and end up regretting it once it breaks or when they try something better. Never forget that you get what you pay for and the best option is never going to be the cheapest one. To help you get it right the first time, we’ve compiled a list of the best bongs for your buck. These aren’t custom pieces, so you should be able to find everything on this list online or at a head shop.

The Best Bong Brands in 2020 – The Rundown

The best bong brands in 2020 are much unique of days gone by years. They have a tendency to change each year, it takes too much to stay on the very best every year and many cup companies simply fall off or vanish. Among the better bong companies can figure out how to adapt to the days and innovate their cup, while some fall off. Whether you’re not used to smoking or you’re a veteran, finding a good and quality bong could be a task. When you choose a bong, you want to find one which combines innovation, dependability, and offer the best function, whether you like flower, polish, or both. An excellent bong must be produced of the quality cup, providing you a durable and reliable piece that can endure any sesh, you will need a bong that delivers the best rips with cool and flavorful strikes, and every good bong brand has in “it” factor that means it is stick out from the group. Listed below are the best bong brands available today.

1. Gemstone Glass

Diamond Cup provides high quality, accuracy cut cup with diamonds clearness. Based in Southern California, Diamond Glass uses American manufacturing and American glassblowers to create exquisite water pipes and dab rigs, Like the one pictured above. Diamond’s craftsmanship is top-notch and will be sure to impress, due to their commitment to perfectly crafting the latest in smoking technology. Diamond Glass is always creating innovative bongs that one up any other brand with a goal of being the most reliable brand in bongs. Every bong is crafted with thick, crystal clear glass with the easily recognizable “Diamond” logo and a guarantee in long lasting quality. For the best bong for the best prices, look for Diamond Glass.

2. Maverick Glass

For over 18 years Maverick Glass has been on the top bong brands and a pioneer in the glass industry blowing functional and beautiful glass. Maverick Glass focuses on creating the best bongs with impeccable functionality. Based in sunny Los Angeles, California, the bongs and rigs are created with 100% American cup showing off their quality as it pertains to their parts. Maverick Cup designs multiple varieties of pipes, providing an excellent combo of efficiency and visual. Maverick Glass loves to be on both edges of creativeness and performance, which isn’t always no problem finding . Maverick bongs like the Inline to 9-equip Water Tube, merge invention and workmanship with ever piece being carefully designed to fully fulfill the smoker. This is actually the best bong that has both invention and aesthetic.

3. Empire Glassworks

Located in Placentia, California, Empire Glassworks has quickly gained reputation for their glasswork, gaining reputation in five short years. Although a relatively new company, Empire Glassworks has decades of experience creating beautiful, hand crafted glass. Not only does Empire have amazing bongs like the Under the Sea Oil Rig pictured above, they also construct glass accessories that perfectly match any set up. This is the best bong for the sea lovers due to its wide array of bright colors and creatures. The experience, the attention to detail, and their unique and creative approach to building their glassware makes Empire Glassworks one of the highest rated glass companies around. When making these accessories, Empire Glassworks utilizes highly skilled glassblowers to implement a specific glassblowing process using a torch flame called “lampworking”. When it comes to materials, Empire only uses the best, combining development and technology to make these jaw dropping pieces.

4. Mothership Glass

Combining creativity, function, and science, every mothership bong is carefully crafted with the best quality borosilicate cup and the best quality American-made color. Mothership is among the best bong brands because of its quality and focus on details. Mothership inspects every inches of the bong to ensure it is an as functional as it can be. Bongs like the Right Fab only verify how dedicated Mothership is to providing only the best.

5. Illadelph

lladelph is becoming widely popular once and for all reason, their drinking water pipes have amazing designs and amazing functionality. Based from the “City of Brotherly Love”, Illadelph has embraced the Philly lifestyle and provided quality bongs.

Produced in 2002, Illadelph has presented functionality to artwork whenever the Illadelph performers hand blow one of their technological cup bongs. They have many types of bongs, all with various percs and features that put Illadelph forward in the ever-changing cup industry. They counter all new fads and develop their timeless innovations. One of these genius innovations from Illadelph is the glycerin coil. These coils are intended to be put in the refrigerator and help you receive the coldest possible hit. Many of their bongs contain this feature, including the bong pictured above. Illadelph is a dependable brand that always delivers a fantastic consumer experience.

6. Roor

Coming from Germany, RooR has combined experience and knowledge to produce a top-class smoking experience. The name “RooR” came from its similarity to the German term for pipe, “Rohr”. Their bongs come in many styles like right tubes and beakers and is made with durable German Schott glass. RooR constantly looks for further innovations and updated versions of their own products, for the consumer to fully embrace the smoking culture and find a good quality piece for a good price. RooR has such a set up name in the bong industry because of their attention to fine detail, dedication to perfection, and their high quality components used in the building of their glass pipes. Above all else, RooR is dedicated to their philosophy. They want their consumers to comprehend smoking as a culture, and not only as a way of consumption. This has encouraged them to persistently hash out new impressive bongs link after time. From glaciers notches to diffusers, RooR has been pioneering original products since their founding. Roor has even gained the High Times Glass four times! . Their success as of this competition demonstrates that RooR is always one of the very most relevant and cutting-edge companies in this industry each year.

7. Bougie Cup

Founded in NEW YORK, Bougie cup has long created rigs and bongs all for affordable prices. A lot of the products by Bougie wont break your budget but do not get it twisted, the cup and efficiency still competes with the best of these. Bongs like the showerhead dab rig above provide bongs with quality percs and dense borosilicate cup. Every bong is carefully made and every inches of the bong only helps get you the most value for your money.

8. AMG Cup

Position for American Made Cup, AMG remains true to the name. All their bongs and rigs are created out of dense borosilicate glass the following in america. AMG does will not ignore function nor design in their drinking water pipes. Bongs like the Rocket Dispatch water tube are but a good example of the craftsmanship of the bongs. You’ll explore the external gets to of you brain by using this Rocket Dispatch Water Tube by AMG Cup. It offers a dual recycler and double perc system giving you a clean, clean hit each and every time. For the best bong experience, look at AMG!

9. High Tech Glassworks

Hand blown out of Vehicle Nuys, California comes the stylish and durable High Tech Glassworks. Known for his or her unique body designs, High Tech Glassworks often blows glass to be formed as drinks or even baby bottles. Their stunning oil spill oil rigs have become iconic within the concentrate-user community. They are also known for his or her trap tube collection, using vibrant decals and sandblasted elements over top of medical glass. Slyme glass and other daring colors are often used on their items.

10. Swerve Glass

Swerve is a glass production company centered out Southern California. They are known for bringing the latest styles and designs at an unbelievable price.Glob Squad regularly offers high quality and dense cup as well as the coolest designs. Every piece is really as unique as it is effective, the high quality cup defends the rig and the percs properly filter and cool off the smoke cigarettes.

11. Zob Cup

This tube features the Zob exclusive Zobello percolator, and an UFO level disk percolator. Zob is situated out of sun-drenched California, plus they provide a great variety of Bongs, Rigs, bubblers therefore a lot more! Their pieces are created with top quality German borosilicate cup and provide a vast collection of impressive percs, which range from inlines, UFO design, and tree style percs, as well as their particular Zobello style percolator. Whether you’re searching for a fresh Bong or Dab Rig, or simply need an upgraded downstem for your present piece, Zob Cup will have you protected. That is why Zob is one of the very best bong brands.

12. Snoop Dogg POUNDS

The THA MUTHAF***IN D-O-GG SNOP DOGG! Pounds is the most recent glass series from the iconic business owner Snoop Dogg. The Pounds series has recently released a superb range of hands blown borosilicate cup bongs and bubblers, like the rocket dispatch bong pictured above.These high quality borosilicate cup items all have a spacecraft themed name.The initial look and quality building of every piece is extremely unique and highlights the focus on detail that is put in every single specific piece. Snoop Dogg is certainly taking things serious and these bongs and bubblers are a representation of this.

13. Waxmaid

Since 2016, Waxmaid is a patent pending brand that designs and market segments high quality smoking products. Waxmaid is an expert in silicone centered products and presently keeps about 80% global market talk about of silicone centered smoking products, creating durable and resilient bongs and accessories, much as if you see in the waxmaid silicon horn bong . Because of Waxmaid being one of the only companies on the market, they have quickly gained recognition and become among the best bing companies on the market.

14. Mathematix

Mathematix can be an American cup company located in Los Angeles, California. . Mathematix offers a selection of glass that suits everyone from the beginners to the glass enthusiasts including everything from simple beaker bongs and glass pipes to detailed and artistic themed pipes and bongs. Mathematix doesn’t focus on one specific glass style but instead offers pipes, bongs, rigs and more with various glass blowing techniques and designs.

15. Toro Glass

Toro glass has long been a good bong brand. Crafting every bong with thick borosilicate glass and quality top tier percolators, its no wonder these bongs sell out quick. Every detail put into a Toro glass is the reason these are top sellers and must haves for anyone who values a good bong