Top 10 Best Chocolate Fountains in 2020


Best Chocolate FountainsIf you’re here just to find the best chocolate fountain, I recommend Wilton Chocolate Pro 2104-9008 as it offers the best performance at a fair price. Equipped with three levels, the model works with up to 4 pounds of melted chocolate, so there will be plenty of delicious fondue for all your guests, even when you are hosting a larger party. The model is really easy to use, as you just need to turn it on, let it preheat so it can melt the chocolate, and let it on ‘flow’ to make sure that the chocolate will cascade on the three tiers in a continuous move. The parts are dishwasher safe, so cleaning is a breeze once the party is over. If you can’t find the Wilton Chocolate Pro 2104-9008 in stock, your next best option should be the Nostalgia CFF1000 as it is a reliable model that should help you with your kitchen work.

Delicious chocolate fountains have now become very popular all over the world. People have recognized that the chocolate dipping experience gives excitement in gatherings, parties among others. Therefore, chocolate fountains are flooding the market. With this, there are many counterfeit products and hence to help you make the most informed decision, here is a detailed buying guide and top 10 best reviews. Hence, you are not supposed to make any mistake for these are the best chocolate fountains that you will find in the entire market.

List of Best Chocolates Fountains in 2020

#10. 4-Tier Chocolates Fondue Fountain

By: Eapmic

4-Tier Chocolates Fondue Fountain is constructed of stainless and makes the product stands steady as well as helps prevent the chocolates fountain from rusting. The melting container has a capacity of 1 kilogram and measurements of 21.5 cm size and 46 cm elevation. It is simple to completely clean as stainless can be wiped and is totally shiny in a matter of seconds.

The chocolates fountain has 4 tiers that are easy to put together. You do not need to use a lot of your energy attempting to assemble for this is easy to comprehend and setup. The fondue provides you as well as your friends as well as family the best experience when you develop a fondue party. You can all food stuffs from fruits to cakes.

    4 tier fountain Capacity: 1kg Measurements: 21.5 (D) by 46 (H) cm Materials: Stainless No rusting Comes as a package deal
    Durable Easy to assemble Easy to clean Elegant look Best for fondue parties Satisfaction guaranteed
    None so far

#9. Salton SP1499 Fondue Tower

By: Salton

Looking for the best energy saving chocolates fountain in the whole market? Then, you will need to rest upon this best product. It’s the best in the whole market gets the most elegant features. It really is a power 90 w chocolate fountains that provides whatever you fondue parties a fresh taste completely.

It comes with an auger that creates a moving waterfall of chocolates just to make sure your occasions switch beautiful and ones to never neglect. The fondue tower has 3 tiers manufactured from stainless steel. It is easy to clean as well as the store. Additionally, it is removable hence cleaning becomes more perfect.

    3 tier fondue Power: 90 watts Material: Stainless steel No rusting Removable auger and tower Works best for Dark milk and white chocolate Capacity: Low 500g, Maximum 700g Weight: 2.4 lbs
    Easy to use Easy to clean Easy to assemble Easy storage Satisfaction guaranteed Lightweight Durable
    None so far

#8. CHOCOMAKER 9807-CM Series Chocolate Fountain

By: ChocoMaker

The CM Series CHOCOMAKER Fountain is the best for all your entertainment purposes. It will give your chocolate party the best experience among your friends. The Chocomaker has hit the entire market with a boom for all its elegant features that makes it one of the best. The fountain has been made using the most high-quality materials; therefore, you expect nothing apart from utmost strength.

The materials are high quality and also have been produced in China. That is something that you can trust among others that are to arrive the marketplace. When erect the fountain has an elevation of 14 ins and a weight of 3.39lbs

    Cm Series fountain Weight: 3.39 pounds Elevation: 14 in . Manufactured: China
    Manufactured from high-quality materials Durable Simple to use Lightweight Easy to completely clean
    None up to now

#7. THRITOP Delicious chocolate Pro Fountain


THRITOP Delicious chocolate Pro Fountain is one of the quickest fountains in the whole market. It functions at 120 volts @ 60Hz and has a power of 40 W. It is user friendly and has a capacity of 0.8 to at least one 1 pounds liquefied delicious chocolate. The fountain drop edges help out with the security of chocolate spilling. It is one ultra-quick fountain forming with only one-minute avoiding solidifying of the chocolate.

The fountain has a height of 11 inches and tipping the scale at 3.45 pounds. It makes your party advantageous to remember among all your friends and family member for dipping all that they have with them.

    3 tiers fountain Material: Stainless steel Weight: 3.45 lbs Height: 11lbs Power: 40 Watts Voltage: 120V Frequency: 60Hz Capacity: 0.8 to 1lbs
    Ultra quick fountain Easy to use Easy to clean High-quality material Durable Lightweight Satisfaction guaranteed
    None so far

#6. Chef’s Star Chocolate Fountain

By: Chef’s Star

Chef’s Star Chocolate Fountain is ideally known for having a stainless steel base contrary to many other fountains in the market. It is well made and if you have been searching for a product that you will you for years, Chef’s Star is the best option. It is a 3 tier delicious chocolate fountain and usually creates a fall impact that is very beautiful to check out specially when you throw a celebration.

It offers both a stainless tower and bottom, therefore, providing you the most feeling of experiencing among the best products in the whole market. The fountain is auger style and stands up to 2 pounds of liquefied delicious chocolate.

    Capacity: Maximum 2lbs 3 tier fountain Stainless bottom and tower Materials: stainless Auger style fountain Weight: 4.8lbs
    Simple to use Easy to completely clean Powerful fountain Durable Top quality Lightweight
    None specified

#5. ClearMax CF-892

By: ClearMax

ClearMax is another best product on the market with a stainless bottom and tower. It really is user friendly and clean at any point of using. When working it generates a beautiful moving effect of delicious chocolate that is always a middle of appeal to anybody in the celebrations you have. It comes with an auger style fountain and therefore which makes it easy to put together after cleaning.

It weighs in at 2 pounds therefore light-weight to avoid one spot to the other if needed. Additionally, it offers a capacity as high as 2 pounds, therefore, becoming among the best fountains with sufficient capacity.

    Capacity: Up to 2lbs Weight: 2lbs 3 tier fountain Materials: Stainless Stainless steel bottom Stainless tower Color: Gold No rusting
    Simple to use Easy to store Easy to clean Durable Satisfaction guaranteed High-quality stainless steel
    None specified

#4. Disney DCM-50 Chocolate Fountain

By: Disney

Are you looking forward to getting the utmost and never-ending fun with your family and friends? You have just found the right product that will make all of your parties and get together a worthwhile experience. The Disney Chocolate fountain gives you the best experience you will love at all time. It has a capacity of 24 ounces and tipping the scale at 2.7 pounds.

It is easy to use at any time you want therefore you do not need help to set it up. Additionally, it is power saving in the fact that it uses the power of 40 watts and still gives you the best experience. It is auger style fountain and therefore doesn’t have any pump.

    3 tier fountain Power: 40 W Weight: 2.7 lbs Capacity: 24oz Auger style fountain Power lighting available Color: Red Materials: Stainless
    Durable Top quality Elegant design Simple to use Easy to completely clean
    None up to now

#3. Nostalgia CFF1000 Delicious chocolate Fountain

By: Nostalgia

Nostalgia CFF1000 Delicious chocolate Fountain is one of the very most elegant looking fountains on the market. The Nostalgia functions differently from all the fountains with a particular design which allows the delicious chocolate to stream in stair form. The delicious chocolate flows from the very best level to the low levels and spills effortlessly making a lovely flowing impact. The fountain has a stainless color and retains 2-pound capacity.

It really is made of stainless material and uses auger style fountain. Therefore there is no pump involved in making the fountain circulation. It has independent heat and engine setting; therefore, it is easy to operate. Additionally, they have 4 tiers that are easy to arrange and also disconnect when cleaning.

    4 tiers fountain Independent heat and engine settings 2lbs capacity Material: Stainless steel Color: Stainless steel Weight: 5lbs
    Easy to use Easy to connect Easy to clean Elegant design Satisfaction guaranteed
    None so far

#2. Wilton Chocolates Pro

By: Wilton

Do you always throw parties at you home with friends and family? Here is the best large capacity Wilton Chocolates Pro that gives you the best experience for the large group of friends in your parties. All your friends will have fun like never before dipping all the fruits and cakes you have in store for them. A good fulfilled party should always be entertaining.

Which means that the dipping program provided by this fountain can make the complete party very interesting and one they’ll never forget. When you wish to completely clean the fountain, it will always be possible for all needed is to disassemble gradually and clean. Additionally, the fountain is 16 in . tall and has a capacity of 4 pounds of chocolate.

    Elevation: 16 in . 3 tiers fountain Up to 4lbs capacity Weight: 5.25lbs Materials: Stainless
    Easy to completely clean Simple to use Easy to put together Durable Top quality Satisfaction guaranteed
    None so far

#1. Nostalgia CFF986 Fondue Fountain

By: Nostalgia

The four-tier fondue fountain gives you the best experience you have never seen before. It is easy to operate and has a capacity of 2 pounds. The beautiful stainless steel bowl always retains the chocolate flowing as friends are dipping their cakes and fruits.

It uses the auger type style where no pump is involved in pumping up the chocolate. Additionally, they have separate warmth and motor settings which makes it very easy to use. It comes in a sterling silver color thereby making it very presentable.

    Color: Sterling silver 4 tier fountain Capacity: 2lbs Auger type fountain Independent heat and engine switches
    Easy to use Easy to assemble Easy to clean High quality Durable Elegant look
    None so far

Chocolates fountains buying guide

  • Size: The number of people in your parties is a factor to consider when buying the best chocolates fountain. If you have many friends you ought to buy a fountain with a sizable keeping capacity to maintain most of them without adding frequently. However, if the quantity is smaller you will need a small-sized fountain.
  • Heating system: Before purchasing the best fountain make sure you know about how fast it melts the delicious chocolate parts. There faster it melts your delicious chocolate the better it is in order never to keep friends and family looking forward to long.
  • Cleaning: A clean fountain is important because your machine will provide you with service for an extended passage of time. You should select a delicious chocolate fountain that is simple to completely clean to make sure it is completely hygienic to use. Additionally, if your fountain is challenging to completely clean it is good to learn that we now have high chances that individuals would have tummy distress among other health-related problems.
  • Materials: The materials your fountain is constructed of is one factor to consider also. It is because if not made out of high-quality materials, the less time it’ll last. In a brief period, you’ll be heading back to the marketplace to buy a fresh chocolates fountain. Therefore, select a fountain that will provide you with a longer service and one that has value for your money. The well made a product is the longer the durability and the better the performance.


Here are the top 10 best chocolate fountains and an in-depth buying guide. Therefore; when choosing the best fountain that suits your needs taste and preference, ensure you have all the specifications of the fountain to pick the best value for your money. Additionally, fountains come from different brands; hence they are different in shape, size, capacity, and quality among others. Despite all the differences they give the same results and that is giving you a chocolate fountain to make your time worthwhile. Pick the best that makes you happy.