7 best ear, brow and nose hair trimmers of 2020


Nose hairs are a regular issue for many men, especially those who are middle-aged or older. But, while they’re often unsightly and a little embarrassing, these nasal strands can also be taken care of swiftly and comfortably. All you need is the right tool for the job. So, what are you waiting for? It’s to get grooming gents, and we can help you on your way to a more polished appearance. Here’s our selection of the best nose hair trimmers that won’t cause any pain.

After two months of testing eight different designs, we’ve picked the Panasonic – ER430K as the best nose hair trimmer. This is a refined improvement of the classic trimmer design, with a better blade and a vacuum to keep crusty clippings off your shirt. The ER430K is fully waterproof, so it’s easy to clean and keeps batteries dry. Our runner-up Philips – NT1500 proved it’s a better detail trimmer than it is a nose hair trimmer.

1. Best overall nose hair trimmer:

Wahl Micro Groomsman Review

Here’s the thing: Wahl has some more popular and best ear trimmers, eyebrow and best nose trimmers for men out there. But for me, this model achieved the best results.

You might think it funny to be a fanboy over a personal trimmer, but when you use the one I was using and then switch to the Groomsman then you’ll understand. It actually performs way better. It does the job faster, with less fuss and better results. It cuts the hairs cleanly without pulling and is effortless to use.

At 1.6 ounces, this eyebrow trimmer is micro, indeed.

This means that you can use it anywhere rather than have to be a contortionist to access some taken care of areas. It matches well in the hands and its duration allows you to attain if your hands are brief.

Don’t be misled by the tiny size. It packages a punch and can care for a great deal of your grooming needs.

It really is a mens eyebrow trimmer, a nasal area and ear locks trimmer, a beard detailer, an individual trimmer for pubic locks or bikini trimming. If you want an individual groomer, you will need it to execute a great deal of things well.

You can even utilize it as an eyebrow trimmer for men! In fact, you have two swappable mind here. Use the reciprocating head for your brows and ear curly hair, and the rotary head for your nose. A protective cap will keep both clean.

Adding to its flexibility, this little guy is also ready for both damp or dry use. Take your pick out, though I don’t like nose trimming under the shower, it’s all dry for me. In fact, I would say that it struggles to cut damp curly hair if you use it in the shower.

When your hair is damp it will tend to lie down against the skin. Then it’s hard for the knife to get at it for one thing. Another is that the hair gets forced and bent when it’s damp. Again, the cutting tool can’t really cut it when this happens. You inevitably will notice hairs that didn’t get cut afterward when you look in the mirror. Better to use it dry.

The nice thing about it being waterproof is that at least you can clean it up easily by just rinsing it under the sink.

You decide to do should keep it clean. If you let the locks take a seat on the edge it gets boring. Not just that, but the dirt gets accumulated and can slow the edge down which makes it ineffective. The type of dirt? Well, the trimmers goes into your nose which means you do the mathematics!

The Wahl nasal area trimmer runs using one AAA Lithium battery pack. Lucky us: the merchandise includes one battery contained in the package, which means you can utilize it straight away! It will last you for a long time, depending on your grooming needs. After all, if you merely utilize it for the eyebrows or nasal area, one battery can last a long time.

It offers a helpful comb attachment to use for trimming your eyebrows. Use the foil guard to shave the fuzzy pieces around your eyebrows and be rid of this unibrow you’re sporting. Then snap on the safeguard to perform the cutting tool over your brows to tone down the longer hairs.

Two main disadvantages here. First, you’re not obtaining a little pouch for keeping this little other. Second, its design may not seem to be as thrilling as various other models (Panasonic or Philips) out there.

Does the look really matter? I understand guys couldn’t treatment less, but maybe it’s important to women. That’s why there’s always a lady version with a smooth look with plenty of curves. For all of us guys, form employs function . So long as it works we are happy.

Though I believe these are one of the better eyebrow trimmers out there, it also is effective as a detailer that can provide you some right sideburns and even advantage your beard. Beard shaping, eyebrow shaping, nose curly hair trimmer, it certainly does everything and then some.

2. Best Philips micro trimmer for nose curly hair:
Norelco NT5175/49

The name Norelco is a vintage in body grooming. From beard to pubic trimmers, Philips have nailed the artwork of providing us with cool grooming gadgets and now include the best ear trimmers.

Their Norelco 5100 ear, nose and eyebrow trimmer is yet another example. In fact, it goes well beyond, as you can use it to shape a bit of your neckline and sideburns too. Supposedly it works as a beard stubble trimmer too, but it’s not that effective there.

Remember I said that form comes after function? Well, this is a case where the function and form go hand in hand. What I mean by that is that the design of the blade angle allows it to make more contact with the skin inside your nose so you can get a very close shave with no extra effort. In fac, it is a safe way to get a close shave since you won’t have to press it against the skin in a funny angle to make contact. This pressure would lead to irritation of your nose and be really uncomfortable.

Anyways, the keyword here is customization. This thing is like an all-in-one unwanted hair extinguisher! You’ve got two eyebrow combs (1/8″ and 3/16″), a beard comb at 1/8″, a soft pouch, a clean…

Flexibility is key as it pertains to these little products. I really like the capability to replace the mind and utilize them for all sorts of jobs. The fine detail trimmer is something you don’t often see on the nose and ear curly hair trimmer, but it comes well received.

The wide mind of the fine detail trimmer makes brief work of your sideburns and the advantage of your beard. Now, I wouldn’t replace my real curly hair and beard trimmers with this, but it is nice to have when at the fitness center or for an instant touch up rather than offering my tools.

The plastic material comb attachments will provide you with a lttle bit of the trim on your beard, mustache or sideburns quickly being that they are two sided. Quite simply you can fall and rise and slice the entire time. It’s so considerably faster than needing to angle the trimmer around to go in the opposite direction. This is also a very ergonomic way of doing this.

If that isn’t some seriously luxurious treatment, huh! Combine that with an included AA battery and the convenience of cleaning it just by rinsing under water…And you’ve got a winning formula, check it out in action:

The 5100 trimmer for men’s eyebrows and nose hair has two important technologies in it. First, it’s the ProtecTube tech that prevents pulling or nicking, a.k.an any irritation when you trim.

Then, you’ve got the DualCut feature that ensures more powerful trimming at better velocity with limited friction. Between these two, you shouldn’t experience any inconveniences. I mean, who wants to have their nose hair being pulled in such a sensitive area?

There is nothing really worse than using a trimmer pull out a nose hair. And then the sneezing fit that employs is not the best either.

Now, there’s a very important factor you should know: the cutting blades are sharp, however, not top grade sharpened if weighed against various other models. They’ll get the job done just fine, but if you’re extremely hairy, take a look at various other alternatives.

3. Best vacuum trimmer for nose locks:
Panasonic ER430K

We’ve talked about how cool it’s to truly have a vacuum beard trimmer or locks clipper. So, you will want to expand it to nasal area or ear locks? At least that’s what Panasonic appear to have thought.

I don’t find out about you, but no matter how well I believe that I’ve cleaned out up after trimming my nasal area and ear locks, there appear to be hairs appearing out of the woodwork for times. That’s why I really like that this gets the vacuum function.

Now, it doesn’t get 100% of the locks, but I could accept cleaning u a few here and there over the mess that it would normally make.

And it sure works. ER430K is the best ear trimmers for men with a reason. Its Micro-vacuum system will make your unwanted hairs go all POOF! If you hate cleaning after trimming, there’s your solution.

That’s cool, you think, but how does it actually perform? Worry not, hairy fellow, Panasonic wouldn’t betray you like this.

The curved, hypoallergenic blades of the vacuum nose trimmer are pretty comparable to how my own Wahl performs. They won’t irritate and will chop those pesky hair invaders in one go.

That doesn’t mean that it leaves the hairs long at the expense of keeping your sensitive skin from getting irritated. It shaves quite close and also you wouldn’t even know it due to the shape of the cutting blades.

I’ve really sensitive sinus membranes therefore i get into a sneezing fit at the slightest irritation when trimming so they are a godsend. Many trimmers rub right against that wall structure of my nasal area and send me into a sneezing fit but that hasn’t occurred with these.

Once more, you’re absolve to use this device both moist or dried out, depending on what you like. The look is ahh-mazing, very modern, very ergonomic. Additionally you get a travel pouch for convenient storage space.

The disadvantages? Well, the vacuum feature helps it be operate a liittle little bit louder, in all honesty. Also, unlike the other models, you don’t get a battery pack contained in the pack. But these aren’t a hardcore tablet to swallow in trade for this vacuum function, right?

Chooling Manual Nose & Ear Curly hair Trimmer

Sometimes you have to go off grid to get the best way to do things. Like this manual operated nose trimmer from Chooling.

Even though you have to use your hand to power it, it works as good or better than the other electric battery powered nose trimmers.

Before I get into all the advantages, I will point out one disadvantage. It only does your nose hairs. It can do your ear too, but only on the inside. It won’t work to buzz down the hairs growing outside your ear. If you are like me then however the locks doesn’t develop where it is convenient. I hype my check out each and every time I really do that I ensure that you get the locks growing around my hearing and use a nasal area and ear canal trimmer such as this someone to get the hairs inside.

Unfortunately, I want a few tools to ensure I am properly groomed.

Anyway, the huge benefits to employing this trimmer is it doesn’t ever draw your hairs. It actually uses quite a little of torque since it works together with gears so that it can be controlled manually. This implies it cuts properly and easily each time.

You should use this anywhere and never having to get worried about batteries working out. At the fitness center? Keep it in your Dopp bag and yo can use it in the locker room without worrying about it getting damp.

Off grid camping but still don’t want your nose hair to look like the local flora? No worries, it is run by hand and can be used any time.

It is made out of stainless steel that won’t rust or corrode and will last a lifetime. Not only that, but it is easy to clean. You can rinse it off under a faucet and there is no worry about batteries or the inner workings getting ruined by a stray drop of water or two.

4. Best electric eyebrow trimmer for women:
Panasonic ES2113PC

Once again, Panasonic, and a favorite for women all over the world. It all starts with the very attractive, slim and lightweight design of this female facial trimmer. ES2113PC looks like a gentle pink feather, ready to take care of your eyebrow trouble.

It is clearly designed for women, but does it have a “Pink Tax”? What’s that, you ask? You know what it is, it’s when you have the same tool as a man’s designed for women, usually pink and then they may charge more for this.

Well, don’t be concerned, this is just as effective as an instrument for men and it doesn’t cost any longer than it will.

It really is a great grooming tool, so let’s enter the facts and understand why women love this elegant little trimmer.

Two comb accessories (A & B) offer you different measures you can cut your eyebrows with. The pivoting mind allows for exact, close eyebrow trimming as it follows your face’s contours.

If you want to do some kind of gentle version of dermaplaning then this will help you remove the fine, peach fuzz hair off of your face. You need it to have good contact with the skin to work effectively. Now, it isn’t the same as using a microblade for real dermaplaning as it doesn’t remove layers of dead skin cells, but it does help you put your makeup on evenly.

It’s also great to use as an eyebrow shaper .

Ladies are even more concerned about skin irritation. Rest easy: this facial trimmer for women has hypoallergenic blades that won’t cause any issues. They’ll glide over your skin, ridding you of the unwanted follicles in no time.

In fact, you can also use this as a neck hair trimmer or as a peach fuzz trimmer for women. So, there’s some flexibility contained in the eyebrow shaver package deal!

Everything you won’t receive, however, is the AAA electric battery it needs to perform on. Hook disadvantage, but nothing at all too bad. My wife’s main remark is that, sadly you can’t buy alternative cutting blades if something happens to the stock ones.

5. Best woman face & eyebrow razor:
Tinkle razor

Some girls skip on cosmetic trimmers and go for eyebrow razors instead. It’s a matter of personal choice, really, as both appear to work fine according to my partner. Take into account that razors are sharper and you should be more careful, though!

Tinkle is, without doubt, your best option here (Shiseido will be a runner up.)

Grabbing one of the means you can get rid of any peach fuzz anywhere on that person (around lip area too!), or form your eyebrows magnificently. An email: razors can be a little harder to accomplish with brows, as there’s an increased margin of mistake. If you’re a complete newbie, a trimmer might be better.

I stated dermaplaning previously and remarked the way the Panasonic doesn’t do real dermaplaning. The Panasonic is ideal for eliminating peach fuzz, but these Tinkle razors are what you would like to remove useless skin cellular material and leave your face glowing.

If you use skin care products like moisturizers or toners, then they will get assimilated much more readily when you’ve dermaplaned. It’s also a great way to clean out your pores and leave your skin much cleaner.

Can you use these for nose and ear trimmers? Probably not a good idea, but for eyebrows they work wonders.

Please use one of these only after you’ve washed your face, possibly adding a little bit of moisturizer. Don’t perform too quick, wide-swept motions – instead shape slowly, with careful, tiny motions.

Here’s a video on how to shape your eyebrows and you may see some facial razors in action there:

Tinkle razors will leave no hair behind as their cutting blades are overall champions. So long as you’re careful with your shaving technique, additionally you won’t confront any discomfort. Getting a pack of the is cheap enough and can last you for a lot!

How exactly to use a nose locks trimmer: is it that hard?

No, not at all especially if you are using one of the best nose trimmers. In fact, it’s ridiculously simple to use just like the best hearing trimmers out there.

There’s two main things you need to watch out for: proper vision “inside” your nose, and not going too deep with the gadget.

Within the first point, just grab a pocket mirror or maintain front of 1. In the event that you tilt your mind back just a little (that you must do), you’ll have the ability to peek within your nasal area. Start trimming away and examine the insides of your hairy, nosy jungle to observe how you’re faring.

An alternative solution is an integral light, like the one my very own Wahl trimmer for men’s nasal area locks has. That’s why I could omit on keeping a reflection around, however, not many models have this nifty feature.

Please, don’t go too deep with the trimmer. You don’t need to execute an excavation! Usually you risk irritation even though you are employing the best nasal area trimmers and let me tell you, your nose is way too sensitive to like it.

Don’t neglect that we have nose hairs for a reason . We need some of the hair to remain to be able to do its job. If you get rid of every bit of curly hair there is nothing that traps things like pollen, soot and other pollutants from getting into our bodies. You then open up the chance of all sorts of respiratory issues.

Simply take out the ones that individuals can see. After all, nobody is discovering your sinus cavity to see what’s up there so there is absolutely no reason to get rid of those sinus hairs deep within your nose.

The same applies for your hearing. In case you choose to tidy up your ears a little using the best hearing trimmers, don’t go too much in. If you’re too zealous with how deep you decide to go, you risk harming your hearing canal.

Reward point for using among the best hearing trimmers is cleanliness. You want your ear to be clean before utilizing it, so reach work. Now, many people recommend against using Q-tips, but that’s my way to do things.

Anyways, once you’ve got that hearing wax taken care of, start trimming using the best hearing trimmers with mild motions near to the top of your hearing. Nothing at all too complicated, really. I am hoping this review about the best hearing trimmers and best nasal area trimmers offered you all the answers you will need to decide which one to buy.