Best Military Model Kits 2020


Best Military Replica Model KitYou don’t need to be a military history junkie to appreciate a well made military model. You only need to appreciate the care it takes to build a precise replica of an amazing piece of machinery. The number of great models available to you can actually be kind of staggering, but don’t worry: we’re here to help.

Keep reading to learn about five of our favorite military plastic model kits and place your order today!

1. Fujimi SWM27 Aircraft Carrier Eagle

This model of the British Aircraft Carrier Eagle from Fujimi is at a 1/700th scale and is a great addition to any nautical-minded fan of military plastic model kits. This particular ship carries a lot of history, being purchased by the British fleet from the Chilean navy in 1918 and converted into an aircraft carrier. The ship and its crew enjoyed a long career in many battles during World War II off the coasts of Malta and Sicily, and took part in battles with the Italian navy.

This is a pretty large aircraft carrier model and doesn’t include miniature planes, but those are definitely some details that you can add yourself if you can find planes of an appropriate scale.

2. Aoshima Observation Helicopter Kawasaki OH-1 NINJA

This 1/72 scale model of the versatile scout and observation helicopter introduced by the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force in 2000-and continues its service to this day-is a great addition to any military model-maker with a passion for the skies. It requires a paint job so it can match the famous camouflage colouring observed in the images of the true OH-1 NINJA, looked after includes several comprehensive decals.

3. Fujimi 72M10 Type 10 Container MBT Prototype

This 1/72 size style of the super-modern Japanese Surface Self-Defense Power Type 10 container is a great addition to any collection kept by our container fans out there. It symbolizes the leading edge in container technology from Japan and continues to be operating today, despite having its parts being exported to other armed forces allies across the world. This model includes several different parts and requires a paint job to be rendered completely complete, but it’s a must-buy for just about any tank fan.

4. Aoshima Japan Surface Self Defense Power Type 73 Truck

Another stalwart from japan Ground Self-Defense Power, the sort 73 vehicle is another great addition to someone’s collection who wants to truly have a complete military place. As well as the 1/72 size model itself, this specific model includes a set of 20 figures that may be arranged in the rear of the vehicle, ready for deployment. Painting each one of these figures combined with the truck can be considered a challenge, but one any enthusiast of the vehicle will be up for.

5. Tamiya U.S. Armed forces Police Set

The Tamiya U.S. Armed forces Police place is another great addition to your collection if you want to target more on the smaller-scale ground-level soldiers. This specific 1/35 scale package includes two different U.S. armed forces police with their motorcycle, ready to put together and arrange. This specific model package is also befitting teenagers, with a suggestion of being a decade or older.

So there you own it: five of the greatest military plastic material model kits. Have a look at these at and begin increasing your armed forces model collection today!