Best Smoothie Blender 2020 – Reviews And Buying Guide


Smoothie BlenderThere is no way you’ll be able to make a healthy smoothie without having the best smoothie blender. Maybe it can be pulled off sometimes although it’s probably not going to be easy.

So, Before getting to the best smoothie blenders, You may want to know something to make your choice perfect. So, let’s jump into the first thing,

What Are the Best Nature Made Vitamins?

It sounds easy enough: when you want your daily dose of vitamins, you just open a jar and pop a couple of the essentials. But it doesn’t have to be that way with a little bit of effort and planning. I should emphasize on a little bit of effort and planning. Because it is really not difficult to eat those kinds of food that contain the maximum of natural vitamins. The advantage is even twofold: You get the natural vitamins, and you save money that you won’t have to spend on buying artificial vitamins.

Why do You want to (Start) Drink(ing) Smoothies?

Before getting to the Best Blender for Frozen Fruit, I would like to spend a word on why you would want to drink Smoothies in the first place. Let’s start with the shortlist of benefits after I will elaborate on each of the points.

  • Healthy. Eating fruit (or in this case drinking it) is healthy. Simple as that.
  • Saves Time. Here Smoothies have a typical advantage over eating fruit: it is a huge time saver when you’re a busy person.
  • Money Safer. Yes, it will also save you money. Why? Because if you get yourself best smoothie blender, in the long run, you will save money on expensive out-of-season fruits.
  • Stock up. One of the great advantages of Smoothies is that you can make lots of them, put them in the freezer and drink them later.

Smoothies are Healthy

Eating fruit is healthy. We all know that. In the “old” days we here in the Western World did not have access to fruits year round. We ate strawberries in Summer and nothing in Winter.

But with the ongoing globalization, there is more and more access to year-round fruit. And more and more different fruits.

The healthy benefits of fruits are plentiful. They contain all sorts of vitamins. Many fruits (and also the Smoothies) contain a massive amount of the Anti-oxidants we need so much in our stressful and hectic lives. They contain natural fibers that our body needs to cleanse it selves.

But it’s not only fruits with which you can make Smoothies. How about carrots? Beetroot? Ginger? Or a combination of those? Look for a recipe on this combination here.

Smoothies Save You Time

Possibly the fastest fruit you can eat and need to peel is a banana. Then there are fruits you can eat with the skin. Think apple, pear. But still, there are a couple of (agreed, sometimes minor) discomforts. It does take more time to eat a banana, apple or pear than to drink one. Then your fingers could get dirty.

And finally, what do you do with the waste (remember that last banana peel you left in your car overnight?).

Now consider the next scenario: You get up in the morning, open the fridge, take out a Smoothie, drink it and you’re done! Of course, you re-use the plastic container, right?

And yes, you need to make the Smoothies first, but the time you make 5 strawberry vanilla Smoothies takes as much time as eating one portion of strawberries alone (without the nice vanilla combination!).

Smoothies Will Safe You Money

Buying strawberries in early Spring can be a costly affair. Buy them in Summer and your get 3 for the price of 1. The same for blueberries. The point here is that fruit is more expensive when they are out of season and need to be shipped in.

So if you do your planning a bit right you could save quite a lot of money by buying fruits that are in season at the time, and then freezing the fresh Smoothies you make with them. All this without losing any of their nutritional values.

Planning is Everything

Planning ahead a little can be both a money and in the end a time saver. And if you make a bit of space in your freezer you will be all set for quite some time to come.

Easy Smoothie Recipes

If you’ve ever had a blender and made smoothies, then you will definitely agree: making a smoothie is easy as one, two, three. That is one of the great advantaged of a blender and healthy food. Basically, you only need to buy the ingredients, maybe make some ice, put everything together, blend and you’re done.

On this site I want to offer you a selection of really simple recipes that you can make in a couple of minutes, that will not disappoint you, will taste wonderful, and are good for your health. All that in one machine. The only thing your need is that you pick one of the best blenders for smoothies and you’re done.

Top 5 of the Best Blenders for Smoothies

Now that you know why you should drink Smoothies lets get to the best Smoothie blenders. This list has been carefully selected keeping a couple of things in mind:

  • Multi-purpose use
  • Effectiveness to make a really good Smoothie
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Durability
  • Ease of maintenance
  • And of course Price

The thing you’re going to notice about blenders I listed here is that they’re not merely blenders.

I did all the hard work for you and picked these out specifically. Instead of staring at countless features and worrying over things that are unimportant, think of it as the first step to providing your body with what it needs and heading in the right direction so you can live a long, energetic life.

These blenders are suitable for just about every user out there, and some even include tasty recipes to look into.

So Now Let’s jump into the first best smoothie blender,

Best Value For The Money – Blendtec Total Blender Review

If you’re looking for extremely practical appliances which have the ability to do multiple jobs for your home simultaneously, this is the first smoothie blender to take into consideration as it does exactly that.

When you want to consider how powerful its motor is, you’ll find that this smoothie blender is really the commercial kind and has the ability to take care of almost important kitchen tasks. You’ll end up saving time as you won’t need to bother with an awful lot of preparations, and you can have your favorite smoothies quickly.

Most smoothie blenders have 500-1000 watt-powered motors, although this blender is able to generate up to 1,560, directly setting it apart from the competition due to its sheer power.

Not only you can use it to make you great tasting green smoothies, but also as a ice crusher, juicer, and coffee grinder. It almost feels as if anything you throw at this smoothie blender ends up getting crushed. It gives you a peace of mind when you know that no matter what you decide to make, you’ll never encounter technical issues with it.

Additionally, blending is made so easy as you no longer have to waste time slicing up your fruits and then having to wash your hands if they leak. Feel relax to put your favorite ingredients together and let it take over. You might think that this is impractical, but drinks are actually more nutritious by this way. The motor spins at an very fast rate so you can achieve anything with it.

There’s a reason why this is my first pick for a smoothie blender, and that’s the sheer power it possesses. I loved that anything you throw at it blends properly. It might be surprising for you to hear this, but the manufacturer even offers a guarantee for its ice-crushing abilities. It’s probably about as powerful as a commercial smoothie blender can get and suitable for every type of person, regardless of whether you’re an athlete or just a caring mom/dad who wants your children growing up healthy.

You might notice there is no decoration to the side of this blender; hence the removal of it is quite easy after the blending process is done.

One thing that is worth pointing out is about its drawbacks, I must say that It’s quite expensive in comparison to the other blenders listed here and the warranty is short.

The verdict? it’s an extremely powerful blender that offers a lot of power and can sustain any conditions you decide to put it under. Although the warranty isn’t long enough, you’ll notice it’s rugged thus pretty much never breaking down.

Check Price Of the Blendtec Total Blender

Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender Review

It seems as if this company really made sure to think of everything with their beautifully designed smoothie blender. Similar to the previous one, regardless of whether you’re looking to chop ice/ coffee beans or simply make smoothies – you’ll virtually get spoiled by the amazing results it provides time after time.

In comparison to our first pick, this blender actually looks great come along with its technical features. Take a look at how sleek that circular design really is. However, the real reason why this blender is worth every penny is due to its power and technical features.

Starting at its jar, you will notice that there are a couple of blades in there specifically designed to provide efficiency in blending. That efficiency makes sure the ingredient blending is done in an accurate manner, so I can be sure that each and every one of your ingredients can be mixed in the right way.

When It come to the power, reliability is something you should be expecting from this one as you will never find an area its blades are unable to reach. This certainly isn’t the case with most smoothie blenders on the market.

In terms of speeds, there’s also versatility as you’ll be able to choose between 5 of them including chop, liquefy, mix, puree and blend. There are modes that you can choose from (pre-programmed) for either ice crushing or making smoothies. The futuristic design is put to use thanks to the backlit control pad, letting you operate it with ease.

The jar feels rugged so you can fill it up with up to 1.6 liters worth of liquid. The glass is as stable as you’ll find on a military helicopter, literally preventing any possible breaking. You’re going to love this blender because of that. Additionally, it’s powered by a 610-watt motor made out of stainless steel that you can use it for decades.

Check Price Of the Breville BBL605XL

Best Smoothie Blender For Frozen Fruit – Ninja Professional Blender & Nutri Ninja Cups (BL660) Review

The Ninja BL660 works like a charm, especially if you don’t want to waste your ingredients the way you would with other smoothie blenders on the market. We’ve tried it out extensively and found that it performs very well.

If you’re used to messing with the ingredients yourself and your blender won’t do what it’s supposed to, you should certainly consider getting this one.

But before choosing it, you have to keep in mind that this is an extremely heavy duty model, operated by a 1,100-watt motor. But, If you need to save on time by providing more drinks for your family simultaneously, this smoothie blender probably isn’t it as its limited to a single serve mode that you only can put one drink in.

It features with 72 ounces worth of tasting smoothies, and you can even be able to use frozen ingredients to make them. It will blend all your favorite fruits with ease and with the powerful motor, ice crushing is a breeze with it.

Obviously, this blender isn’t the most expensive option that I have for you today, but it’s also not cheap as compared to other blenders on the market. So before you go for it, you really should consider whether you’re really in need of a commercial blender as spending more, but it’s worth it.

The hightlight key of this model is it’s literally a combination of affordability and features that are characteristic to commercial models.

Obviously, sometimes we get used to dealing with lumps as we drink because the blender is incapable of breaking up the ice. Certainly, that isn’t the case here. It might be more practical if you’re a single person being that you won’t have to deal with a bigger mess.

Check Price Of the Ninja Professional Blender

Best Smoothie Blender For The Money – Oster 4093-008 5-Cup Glass Jar 2-Speed Beehive Blender Review

This smoothie blender isn’t the most futuristic in terms of design, but that retro look makes it an interesting option worth considering as an addition to your kitchen. It’s powered by a 600-watt motor, and the jug can handle 5 cups. When it comes to chopping your ingredients, it’s very powerful. You can choose between speeds and there’s a separate blade for ice crushing.

Although this is not such an expensive blender, but you might be surprised to find out that it actually works the way it’s been described by the manufacturer.

Here are somethings you can expect from it.

It’s extremely well built and can be considered as a high-end model. The blade mechanism is nicely connected to the base of it. If you take a look at what people are saying on official websites, you’ll notice that it gains mostly positive feedback. This is an extreme rarity in the case of inexpensive smoothie blenders.

Although we are all aware of that there’s no price we can put on our healthy state, it’s still good to save money now and then and if that is what matters to you most you then you should go with it. It’s also recommended for anyone who is a minimalist and don’t need any of the fancy high-end technical features.

Check Price Of the Oster 4093-008 5-Cup Glass Jar 2-Speed Beehive Blender

Best Smoothie Blender Under $100 – Nutri Bullet NBR-12 12-Piece Hi-Speed Blender Review

Similar to the previous four smoothie blenders on this list, this one is a combination of great features that you’re going to love. Don’t take our word for it only – have a look at some of the customer reviews at official customer websites and you’ll notice that.

The reason is because of its minimalistic design and it won’t take up your kitchen space; it has an attractive look and serves its purpose as a blender. It certainly isn’t the cheapest but no matter what you end up paying for it, it’s still affordable.

The NBR-12 is powered by a 600-watt motor and there’s an extremely rugged power base to it.

The one thing that matters most and what this company aimed to achieve with this smoothie blender is to ensure that the important nutrients you’re getting remain intact.

An awful thing we can see in a lot of blenders out there are a pain to clean, that leads to their users don’t even bother making smoothies anymore as they’re so fed up with it. This certainly isn’t this case here and the only thing you’ll have to do after you’re done blending with the NBR-12 is rinse it a little.

If your family are sensitive to noise, or you just want to blend quietly, then you’ll find that this blender extremely good at that job as it’s actually quiet and packed with useful features. Additionally, they’ve made sure to include a manual that covers good nutrition.

Check Price Of the Nutri Bullet NBR-12 12-Piece Hi-Speed Blender

Hope this guide is helpful! If not, shout me out below 🙂

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