The 5 Best Toothpastes For Receding Gums


If you’re suffering from gum recession, it can be treated effectively using fluoride toothpaste approved by ADA (American Dental Association) in case the problem is in the primary stages. Now, which is the best toothpaste for receding gums? Dentists and periodontists recommend the following five ADA-certified kinds of toothpaste.

The Recession of The Gums

The recession of the gums or gingival recession is a glaring symptom of gum infection that dentists or periodontists refer to as a periodontal disease. If you’re infected with periodontitis, your gums, the supporting tissues, and eventually the root of your teeth start getting affected. Initially, plaque builds up which if not removed, gradually hardens into tartar that can only be cleared by the supervision of a dentist.

Receding gums are just a symptom of this gingival infection where the tissues of the gums become diseased leading to the exposure of the teeth root. Some general causes of receding gums are excessive flossing or brushing, genetic predisposition, traumatic teeth or gum injury, bruxism (teeth grinding) or poor oral hygiene.

Gum recession usually leads to an erosion of the lining of the gum resulting in the revelation of the teeth’s roots. When you’ve receding gums, you’ll have a tingling sensation whenever you’ve lick on an ice-cream or bite into hot and spicy food items. Continuing to neglect this issue can lead to your losing teeth or gums getting inordinately decayed, it will ultimately compel you to go for a surgical treatment. Hence, in order to arrest the process, you should consider adopting oral habits recommended by the dentist, using a toothbrush with soft bristles, and of course using a toothpaste ideal for receding gums.

Before you choose your best toothpaste for receding gums, see to it that it carries the ADA mark of approval. ADA-certified toothpaste usually contains fluoride as an essential ingredient that expedites plaque removal. Fluoride is also instrumental in helping to rid the mouth of bacteria and fortifying the enamel.

How to Select The Best Toothpaste For Receding Gums ?

With so many options available in the market, selecting the best toothpaste for your need might be a difficult task. However, when choosing a toothpaste the most important thing that you should be looking for is the ADA tag or certification.

The American Dental Association has set out a list of guidelines which need to be followed before a product is made available in the market. Once a product gets the tag from ADA, it is completely safe for use as it meets all the set standards. Once you have narrowed down the different types of ADA certificate toothpaste, it would be time to determine which one suits you the most. In case you have sensitive teeth or are suffering from discoloration, then you should opt for the ones which are marked and sold especially for this purpose.

For instance, most of the sensitive teeth people would opt for a Sensodyne toothpaste. Similarly, there are a number of options for those of you who are prone to discoloration or yellowing of teeth as well.

1. Colgate Total Advanced Deep Clean Toothpaste

The ADA Seal statement explicitly states that “The ADA Council on Scientific on Scientific Affairs’ Acceptance of Colgate Total Advanced Deep Clean Toothpaste is based on its finding that the product is effective. This toothpaste from Colgate-Palmolive is enriched with ingredients that go a long way in fighting and preventing the formation of plaques, cavities, and gingivitis. The Triclosan and sodium fluoride are the active ingredients included in the product whereas water, sorbitol, hydrated silica, glycerin, flavor, sodium lauryl sulphate, sodium hydroxide, sodium saccharin, carrageenan, and propylene glycol is some of the inert ingredients.


  • Helps to prevent and reduce tooth decay, gingivitis, and plaque
  • Keeps bad breath away and whitens teeth by removing surface stains
  • Toothpaste is also effectual in tackling halitosis (bad breath) and tartar
  • Offers a cool and clean feeling after every brushing


  • Contains abrasive blue specks that might get stuck in some teeth
  • Sizing issues, customers should always check the size properly before ordering

2. Philips Sonicare Breathrx Whitening Toothpaste 4oz

The official website of the Philips Sonicare Breathrx Whitening Toothpaste 4oz says that the effectiveness of toothpaste laced with fluoride stands proved if the same is regularly used by gingivitis patients. Towards this end, the Sonicare Breathrx tastes as good as any popular toothpaste brand, and at the same time highly effective in the treatment of both simple and complex dental as well as gum issues.


  • Can be routinely used for tackling & reducing teeth or gum sensitivity
  • Zytex formula is extremely effectual in preventing mineral loss as well as in checking harmful bacterial growth.
  • Compatible for patients particularly prone to sensitivity
  • Available in mint flavors
  • Purifying blue gel based toothpaste that works well to keep away bad breath and odor
  • Comes in a mint flavor that comes with a power of tartar control and enhanced whitening


  • Contains Sodium Laurel Sulfate, users should make sure they don’t swallow it, especially children
  • Might feel a bit dry to many users which is why one needs to follow a proper brushing regime

3. 3M ESPE 12117 Clinpro Tooth Creme 0.21% NAF Anti Cavity Toothpaste, Vanilla Mint (Pack of 1)

Clinpro is a known name when it comes to the dental products. The popular seller Clinpro 5000 is one of the most prescribed product by the dentists in America. However, for regular use 3M ESPE 12117 Clinpro Tooth crème is an effective option. This is not the same product as the prescribed Clinpro 5000. It is powered to fight cavity and leaves behind a vanilla mint flavor after every brushing.


  • Sodium Fluoride Anti-Cavity Toothpaste contains an innovative tri-calcium phosphate formula that repairs demineralized enamel
  • Prevents dental cavities & helps in preventing root cavities
  • Leaves behind a gentle, whitening and effective cleaning effect
  • Protective barrier gets created around the calcium that allows it to coexist with fluoride ions
  • Fluoride is capable of making the teeth a lot stronger & resistant against decay caused from acid & bacteria


  • While brushing it is essential that customers do not swallow the toothpaste
  • Sodium Fluoride content is on the higher side compared to other toothpastes

4. Crest Complete Toothpaste, Effervescent Mint Flavor

The ADA Council on Scientific Affairs vets the Crest Complete Toothpaste, Effervescent Mint Flavor as one of the best toothpaste for receding gums. The council has approved the toothpaste on the basis of its research and findings. The body found that the toothpaste was particularly effectual in the treatment of gingivitis and removal of plaque formation just atop the gumline. It has established that the toothpaste is also effective against halitosis as well as prevents tartar build up and stain formation on teeth.You can use the toothpaste for getting rid of stains and for displaying a set of perfectly white teeth.


  • Anti-sensitivity, anti-gingivitis, and anti-cavity fluoride toothpaste
  • Checks the occurrence of cavities
  • Effective against gingivitis
  • Makes teeth whiter
  • Thwarts de-mineralization of teeth and desensitizes the dental structure against extreme heat, cold, sourness, and sweetness.
  • Inhibits decaying action of cariogenic bacteria and thus prevents plaque or tartar formation.
  • Checks bad breath


  • Flavor of the toothpaste can be disliked by some due to presence of micro-beads
  • Does not have a very long after brushing feel

5. Tom’s of Maine Fluoride Toothpaste, Spearmint Ice, 4.7 Oz

Another hot seller and probably one of the less talked about toothpaste that promise to deliver some good results. The toothpaste is made up of Glycerin, calcium carbonate, hydrated silica, sodium lauryl sulfate, licorice, etc. The company promises to offer an all-natural product that can take care of your bad breath, keep the germs away and still leave a soothing aftereffect. It comes with no added preservatives or fragrance or animal ingredients and has gone through no animal testing as well.


  • Made up of natural ingredients
  • Fights bad breath, offers cavity protection, and helps to keep teeth whiter
  • Clinically proven and natural
  • Antiplaque & Fluoride free5. Offers protection to the receding gums


  • Should not be swallowed and limited quantity used per brushing
  • Flavor might not be to the liking of many


Adopting healthy habits, following oral hygiene as recommended by a dentist, and leading a disciplined life can go a long way in arresting gingivitis as well as periodontal disease. If you’re suffering from gum disease and it is in the early stage, then you can check further damage by regularly brushing teeth with the best toothpaste for receding gums and rinsing your mouth after the process.