7 Best WeightLifting Shoes in 2020


Best WeightLifting ShoesContrary to popular belief, weightlifting shoes are very different from other kinds of athletic shoes.

Other athletic shoes are designed for running, and when you’re lifting weights, you’re not running at all.

You’re standing in one place, and hoisting up something very heavy. The best powerlifting shoes may even help you lift more weight if you get the right pair.

It almost seems impossible, but science is very simple.

What You Should Look for in Lifting Shoes

The best shoes for weightlifting should fit very securely, have dense heels at short heights, and provide you with enough support.

Weight lifting shoes shouldn’t be completely flat, because feet aren’t completely flat.

Our list is composed of both male and female shoes — squatting is universal after all. We should state that the list you see is in no particular order, meaning you should judge each shoe on its own attributes/features rather than a point of comparison to the previous shoe outlined.

Top 7 Best Olympic Weightlifting Shoes Of 2020

No shoe can make up for poor strength, mobility, or technique. If you struggle to stay upright while trying to get deep into the bottom of your squat or while doing the Olympic lifts, a pair of Olympic weightlifting shoes can make a huge difference in your performance.

Things To Consider Before Buying

There are a few things to consider when buying a set of olympic weightlifting shoes. First consider your training

  • Are you a complete time experienced weightlifter?
  • How important is value for you?
  • How long do you anticipate your next couple of weightlifting shoes to last you?
  • Do you mainly do crossfit?

If you’re a hobbyist weightlifter, or extremely new, the expense of admittance can be high. You will need shoes, straps , a weightlifting belt, and psychological fortitude. Don’t bankrupt yourself if you cannot afford to buy $200 shoes. Your first set doesn’t need to last you 2 yrs. You’ll get what you purchase, but consider what your location is at in your development.

A whole lot of crossfitters own olympic weightlifting shoes due to olympic weightlifting involved with crossfit. They have a tendency to utilize them while weight training or while do very snatch / clean and jerky heavy workout routines. Crossfitters shouldn’t replace their crossfit shoes with olympic weightlifting shoes because they don’t work well for things like cardio, or gymnastics.

It is important to pay attention to the height of the heel which could range from 1/3″ to 1 1”. The heel that makes most sense for you will have to do with your unique anatomy, but for beginners finding an average height is a good place to start. The heel can also be made from different materials that provide different feel to the lift. Plastic and wood are most popular, but the densities vary. Soft heels should be avoided.

Most olympic weightlifting shoes have a combination of laces and straps. This lets you add stability on top of tightness to your feet. This comes in handy because your goal shoes be to have the most firm connection to the ground as possible.

Editors Choice: 

The Adipower weightlifting shoe from Adidas combines maximum support and stability with a lightweight, flexible, custom fit. The unique, load-bearing design is precision optimized for a strong foundation-up to the standards of serious lifters at the highest levels of competition

The Trace Cargo version of the Adipower includes the classic three-stripe Adidas design with a hook-and-loop instep strap for rearfoot integrity, weightlifting-specific framework, and an appropriate textile coating. Adidas’s copyrighted TORSION® SYSTEM helps secure the midfoot, while yet another heel overlay optimizes balance.

  • Men’s Weightlifting Footwear
  • Flexible, welded 3-Stripes for light-weight, durable support
  • Heel: 20.1MM lift, 33.4MM elevation – integral rearfoot support
  • Hook-and-loop Instep Strap
  • Comfort textile lining
  • Weightlifting designed Chassis
  • TORSION system for midfoot integrity
  • Color: Trace Cargo + Gum 5
  • Size Options: See Options Menu
  • Average price $100-$200

Nike Romaleo 3

The Nike Romaleos 3 Weightlifting/Powerlifting Shoe delivers the balance and locked-in fit you will need for strong weight training exercise. Interchangeable insoles provide gentle or solid support to complement the needs of your program.

  • Artificial leather reinforces mesh on higher for support and breathability
  • Flywire wires and nylon midfoot strap offer powerful lockdown
  • Two compatible insoles provide gentle or solid support
  • Honeycomb TPU dish for lightweight balance during weightlifting
  • Solid silicone outsole provides durable traction force
  • 20MM offset allows natural motion
  • Average Price $100-$299

Adidas Powerlift 3.1

The Adidas Powerlift 3 heel’s are a lesser .6″, which will make them better fitted to a few activities. First, a lesser heel may be a much better option for sportsmen doing CrossFit style workout routines. A smaller heel can help limit the sensation of being pressed forward, and that may be beneficial when moving from capacity to strength actions. Second, the low heel may be well suited for those low-bar squatting who such as a lifter’s balance, but don’t need extra heel for attaining depth.

  • Weightlifting Footwear
  • High Thickness Midsole
  • Extra Wide Fit
  • Open up Forefoot Structure + Flexible Bottom
  • Lightweight Man made Leather Top
  • Breathable Air Mesh across tongue, coating, collar
  • Wide Instep Strap and Ribbons Closure for restricted, secure fit
  • Slide Resistant Rubber Outsole
  • Color: Noble Indigo / Noble Indigo / Ftwr White
  • Average Price $49-$199

Adidas Leistung 16 II

  • One of the more stable shoes we examined for weightlifting
  • 25-mm heel helped improve ankle mobility and posture during squats.
  • The BOA system is unique to the shoes we examined, and worked surprisingly well!
  • Beautiful design and color options
  • Extremely good grip
  • flexible sleeve for flexibility

The review on the Adidas Leistung 16 II was extremely positive. It felt stable and in control when lifting. The elevated heel, stable grip, a flexible fit, and a wide, strong base made it a great choice. The BOA system was delightful to lift in and if we had not tried it for ourselves, we would have thought it was a gimmick. Users say that it’s a durable footwear which should last the test of time.

Reebok Men’s Legacy Lifter

The 3/4″ heel elevation allows for optimum squat positioning, as the anatomical form and two variable upper straps offer you a personalized, locked-down fit and feel. The grasp rubber outsole helps to keep you grounded through your actions, as the Exoframe heel provides support and balance. The collar includes a full foam coating with an achilles pad for added comfort.

  • Materials: Perforated artificial leather top with mesh for breathability
  • Created for: Weightlifting, powerlifting
  • Anatomical form with double higher straps for a customized, locked-in feel
  • Grip silicone provides grip and sturdiness
  • Exoframe technology in the heel for added support
  • TPU heel piece in the midsole for stability and control
  • Weight: 20.3oz. 22mm Drop (3/4″)
  • Imported
  • Product color: White / Black / Pewter
  • Average price $100 – $299

Inov-8 Fastlift 335

Raise the bar on your best workouts with the training shoe that features state-of-the-art weightlifting technology, the men’s Inov-8® FastLift™ 335. Power through every lift, squat and press with this amazingly lightweight shoe that offers enhanced stability and superior support. Enjoy the added comfort of awesome flexibility from Inov-8®’s renowned Meta-Flex™ system, and snag a seamlessly secure fit from the no-seam top and VELCRO® brand strap lacing cover presented on this easy-to-love workout shoe.

  • VELCRO® brand strap lacing cover: Provides a secure fit and foot placement
  • Nylon ripstop top with a no-seam, welded building: Allows enhanced sturdiness when rope climbing
  • External Heel Cage: Creates lateral stability and comfort
  • Power-Truss heel showcasing cylindrical tubes: Forms an incredibly stable foundation for lifting with reduced weight
  • Natural Fit with a wider feet package: For feet splay during lifts
  • Meta-Flex groove in the forefoot: Provides a natural flex point in the shoe
  • Suction cup outsole with inverse checker pattern: Provides secure hold
  • Average Price $125-199

VS Athletics

The shoe has a simple look and nothing at all extravagant or flashy. It includes two straps which really is a welcome reward for a footwear at this cost range. The white and empty design is supply the footwear a clean look and the hard silicone sole combines well with the look. Overall good look your money can buy.

  • Hard silicone material on bottom level of footwear.
  • TWO “Hook & Loop” straps over laces for added support.
  • Flat silicone sole.
  • Reinforced Heel Glass
  • Men’s sizes: 5-12, 13, 14, & 15. ( operates a fifty percent size small depending on your width )
  • Size 10.0 has a 3.5cm real heel lift.
  • Includes free VS footwear bag
  • Average Price $89-$120


What exactly are olympic weightlifting shoes and just how do they change from my other shoes?

Olympic lifting shoes are systems. They provide purposes far beyond that of shoes you might curently have. They are created to be solid and rigid with basics that to lift from. These are made of hard material from at least the balls of your toes back on the bottom in order to minimize movement and shifting of your toes. Straps or BOAs on top and over the top of the shoes stabilize your toes even more. The bottoms are made of solid material (either wood or plastic) to reduce compression, allowing a higher amount of the push you create be transferred directly to the ground.

They also alter your placement. The heel is raised to assist in proper pulling and catching position. If you have ever failed a clean in front of you as you pull under it, you understand how important it is to find yourself in a deep bottom level position with a vertical torso on the capture. Lifting shoes make it simpler to do this.

WILL I actually need a set of olympic weightlifting shoes?

The simple truth is olympic weightlifting shoes will help you, however they cant fix issues for you. If you struggle with ankle joint mobility, hip flexibility, or balance, you should continue steadily to work on those ideas. Weightlifting shoes will be the sprinkles together with a solid base of flexibility, position work, and power. Do you will need them? Yes, nevertheless, you can and really should have the ability to do experienced lifts without them.