TOP 5 Ideal Digital Pianos under $1,000 in 2020


Top 6 Digital Pianos For BeginnersMy students often ask me what digital piano is the best one and doesn’t cost a fortune. Electronic Piano under $1000 is most frequently asked about. There are lots of models in the range of $500-$1000, it’s really difficult to choose, so I will try to briefly describe them and help you to decide on.

So if you have no more than $1000 and want to buy the best piano for your money, here is my TOP-5 list.

Learning how to play a musical instrument is not easy. Just like any other hobby, it requires hard work and dedication. And, of course, good musical instruments. In this article, you will find a list of the best digital piano for beginners.

It doesn’t matter how good a pianist it, he or she had to start from the very fundamentals.

Even though you see them playing the Grand Piano or any other fancy music instruments, most of them have started with a pretty average beginner’s digital piano.

However, finding the digital keyboard that fits your needs is not always easy.

That’s why articles like this one are written. Save yourself a hustle of returning something that doesn’t work for you.

#1. Kawai KDP 110

If you main concentrate is definitely piano play and you do not care much about bells and whistles, the Kawai KDP 110 is usually in my opinion the best digital piano on the market under $1,000 right now.

To have a satisfying piano experience, key action is probably the most important to consider. The Responsive Hammer Compact II on the KDP 110 is the most realistic key action at this price range. It does an excellent job to mimic the key feel on an acoustic grand piano. After practicing on this digital piano, you would have no problem move to an acoustic grand.

With the KDP 110, you get the sound of Kawai’s celebrated SK-EX concert grand. It includes a distinct mellow characteristic, which is quite different from the sound of a Yamaha. While sound is a personal preference, the KDP 110 from Kawai does have one major advantage. Each note is individually sampled at multiple volume levels. You really don’t get this on a digital piano at this price range. Most other model take samples in group. This enables the KDP 110 to re-produce the SK-EX concert grand with accuracy and nuances. The two 20 watt speakers do a good job transforming these digital samples into a room full of music.

To top points off, the Kawai KDP 110 also has the Grand Feel Pedal system. It’s the best Kawai has to offer. Bluetooth MIDI is also a welcome addition to this amazing instrument.

#2. Casio PX-870

Casio might not be the biggest brand in the digital piano industry. But they certainly have produced some amazing instruments that provide so much value. Their brand-new flagship of the Privia series, the PX-870 is certainly no different. The bang you obtain for your dollars is beyond any various other brand can offer. It’s the cause I rank the Casio PX-870 the 2nd greatest digital piano under $1,000.

On the PX-870, you’ll get the very best key action Casio provides. Their Tri-Sensor II Scaled Hammer Actions has been extremely popular and praised by many pianists in addition to reviewers. At this price range, it is one of the best key action available.

Audio engine on the PX-870 can be very impressive . There are plenty of features that are exceptional to much expensive models. You will have everything you need to create a satisfying piano experience. Additionally it is extremely customizable . The PX-870 includes an optimum polyphony of 256 . Many models two times its price usually do not even have that lots of notes.

Speakers on the PX-870 is certainly another place where you’ll get massive worth from. It contains four audio speakers facing two different directions. With two effective 20 watt amplifiers, the PX-870 creates an in depth, dynamic, superior piano sound.

You will also have the ability to record your functionality on the PX-870 and export it as WAV structure to an USB stick because of its USB to device interface. Multi-monitor recording is certainly another useful feature which allows you to mix two recordings in a single song.

At around $1,000 , the Casio PX-870 is a solid performer with huge value to offer. It is certainly one of the best digital pianos you can buy under $1,000.

#3. Casio PX S1000

This 2019 fresh model from Casio creates a new standard for lightweight digital piano. It is currently the slimmest model in the marketplace. Not only is the PX S1000 compact and lightweight, it can also be powered by standard AA batteries . This gives a whole new meaning to the word portable.

The key action is also a brand new design from Casio. Even though it is currently only dual sensored, some clever software is running in the background to make the keys feel surprisingly authentic .

The sound engine is the same old AiR but you do get a new set of samples. These fresh samples include much more information and nuances.

The control panel and over style of the piano is normally contemporary and minimal . The PX S1000 may be the best looking laptop piano if you ask me. In addition, it has Bluetooth audio tracks and an extraordinary 192 polyphony notes.

#4. Kawai Sera110

One versions I find myself maintain recommending to readers may be the Kawai ES110. It’s the greatest laptop digital piano available right now. Getting under $1,ooo, the ES110 takes the next spot on this greatest list.

One thing I could say about the Kawai Sera110 is that extremely dollar you may spend goes to improve the piano experience. There isn’t very much great features on it.

Kawai’s Responsive Hammer Small essential action is without doubt the best key action you can obtain at this price range. Even though it’s not a triple sensor action, I still prefer the feel of it compare to important actions offered by other brands. The touch is very practical to an acoustic piano and I find it simpler to express more emotions while playing on the ES110.

There are reports that the keys on the ES110 are not evenly spaced. This shouldn’t possess any impact on your playing experience and I would consider it a deal breaker. However, there are other reports that the keys become clicky after a few months. These may be isolated incidents but do make sure you have good warranty from your local retailer.

The ES110 is equipped with Kawai’s Harmonic Imaging technology. It’s currently not the best sound engine from Kawai. But at this price range, I can not find anything to complain about it. The tonal characteristic in my opinion is ideal for classical music. The ES110 has a maximum polyphony of 192 .

Being a portable digital piano, the ES110 is weak on its speaker system. There are two 7 watt speakers. They are enough for home practicing. But compare to a speaker system like on the Casio PX-870, the ES110 is definitely much weaker . However, at the same time, being portable has its own advantage. You can carry it around and that’s why the ES110 is very popular among gigging musicians.

Bluetooth is usually not a feature you would look for at this low price range. But the Kawai ES110 has it. It’s a very useful feature that you can easily connect the piano with your smart device and utilize many different app.

You can record up to 3 songs internally on the ES110. There is no multi track recording so you won’t be able to mix your performance together. Nevertheless, with the aid of Bluetooth, there are many answers to make that happen through app.

The ES110 does not have a three pedal unit just like the Casio PX-870 since it’s an easily transportable digital piano. However the one sustain pedal that is included with the ES110 is an extremely good a single. Unlike many easily transportable digital pianos as of this cost range, this pedal actually supports fifty percent pedaling and is quite responsive. It’s a huge benefit books won’t have to buy another pedal unit.

For under $800 , the Kawai Sera110 offers massive worth and has features that are just found on a lot more expensive models. It ranks number 4 on my greatest list and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed because of it!

#5. Casio PX-160

There are various models I would consider because of this 5th i’m all over this the list, just like the Roland FP-30 and the Yamaha P-45. However the Casio PX-160 provides a clear cut mixture of good deal and solid piano experience.

Being an entry level model, the PX-160 does not have many impressive features. But you do get an instrument that’s capable of generating a satisfying piano experience.

With its amazingly low price, you still get the best key action Casio has to offer. The Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II key action is the cheapest triple sensor in the marketplace. And it is one of the best key action as well.

You also get the best sound engine from Casio. The Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source is the same engine you will find on Casio’s PX-870. Driving through two 8 watt speakers, the PX-160 definitely sounds a lot more expensive than it is.

Low price comes with compromises. The PX-160 only has an optimum polyphony of 128 notes. This is lower than its competitors. However, I’d like to point out that for some beginners, the reduced polyphony makes no difference and can not be noticed.

You can record one melody up to two tracks on the PX-160. It generally does not have an USB to gadget interface or Bluetooth. But with the purchase price, that’s is usually to be expected.

For approximately $500 , you obtain the best key action and audio engine from Casio. This alone wins the 5th i’m all over this my greatest digital piano under $1,000 list.