How to Wash Car (The Best 7 Ways)


How to Wash Car (The Best 7 Ways)

Washing your car is an entertaining, satisfying and relaxing thing. Visiting a car washing service every time is a waste of time and money. Washing your car with your own hands has a lot of psychological benefits and is beneficial for person’s state of mind. Also, you can maintain your car just like a new one.

If you are wondering how to wash a car without a hose, we are here to help you. It is a simple thing to wash your car but you need to be careful to avoid scratching or damaging parts of your car.

Here is the best way to wash a car without scratching:

Materials needed:

  • Bucket
  • Water
  • List Element
  • Shampoo or car washing detergent
  • Towels
  • Paper clothes
  • Sponge

Park your car and set everything:

Park your car in a shady place where the car is not exposed directly on to the sunlight. Avoid washing your car in harsh sunlight cause it causes damage to the paint. Set up everything you need near to you.

Take cleaning shampoo, large amounts of water, buckets, microfiber, clothes, brushes, sponge, scrubbing brush, and towels. Purchase a high-quality car detergent from a local store.

Start washing:

Wet the car before washing to loosen up the dust molecules. Add car wash detergent or shampoo to a bucket full of water. When you are cleaning the exterior parts of the car, make sure the doors are closed well to protect the interior parts of the vehicle.

Here is the detailed process of w​a​​​​​s​hing each part of the car:

1. Tires:

Always start with the tires as they get most of the dust and dirt. Wash them first, rinse off the dust, and use a wheel brush to reach all the sides of wheels. As they are made up of rubber, take little care while washing. Use a scrubbing brush to clean up the dust, grease, and grime from the tires. Apply lots of car detergent water and cleanse the tires deeply.

2. Doors, top and surface of the car:

Soak a big washing sponge into the soapy detergent and begin scrubbing the surface of the car. Begin applying little pressure run the sponge all over the car. Concentrate on the spots which have more dust, grease, and messy stuff.

Wash it with large mitt, use conditioning shampoo and soap to remove the dirt without damaging the wax and provides lubrication to the exterior surface of the car. Circle all around the car for several times till it gets a lot of foam.

Wash the car in lower directions to allow detergent and dust to reach lower parts of a while you are working in higher regions. It speeds up the cleaning process. Frequently check the washing bucket if the water changes dirty and again fill it with fresh water and car detergent.

Also fill two buckets while washing, one bucket for washing and another bucket for rinsing the car. Do not apply a lot of pressure instead frequently scrub the area to avoid scratches and damaging the paint. This is the best way to wash a car without scratching. The roof of the car might have bird droppings and other types of nasty stuff. Soften the droppings and bugs by dabbing with a wet sponge with warm water.

Use bug or tar remover if needed to wash off the droppings more effectively. To prevent the swirl marks, use two bucks and each time load sponge with water and reload it with detergent to avoid swirl marks and decrease contamination.

3. Interior:

Cleaning the interior is a tough task because the interior parts get damaged easily, and the mechanism of the car is built inside of the car.

So, carefully clean the seat, floor, steering and clutch parts. Some car models are designed with removable seat covers and floor pads. Use soapy water and brush to clean up the dust and greasy spots.

Also, the door handles tends to get more dust so, clean every inch smartly.

4. Cleaning windows and windshields:

Windows and windshields come in irregular shapes so you might face difficulty while cleaning. Use squeegee, ammonia-based window cleaner, pure water and brushes to clean the windows. Purchase a glass cleaner to clear all the dust out of the windshield. Keeping your windows shining and brighter is necessary to make the car look like a new one.

5. Drying the car:

After washing the car, dry the car with towels or paper towels. Make sure to wipe down all the surface to prevent creating watery marks. Use several towels to dry the car to avoid the formation of rust.

Microfiber towels work best while drying the car. After drying, its time to wax your car to bring back the shine. Use a car wax or polish to condition and provide a finishing touch to the car.

6. Leave the car for some time:

Park the car in the outer environment for some time and let it take some rest. Do not park your car in sunlight after washing because it damages the shine.

So, here is the detailed process on how to wash a car. We hope you got a bright idea about the process. It is a pretty simple process, and you can enjoy while washing your car. Take small precautions to protect the paint and shine of your car. A clean car gets a lot of compliments and good impression!

So, keep it clean and wash it every week. A well-maintained car runs for a long time!