Best Meditation Apps of 2020


There’s no shortage of mindfulness and meditation apps these days, promising to help you combat anxiety, sleep better, hone your focus, and more. In fact, the Wall Street Journal reports that more than 2,000 new meditation apps launched between 2017 and 2019. We scoured the app stores to find the most valuable and easy-to-use mindfulness apps that are available for free. Two on this list are completely free, while the rest include a free version with the option to upgrade to premium content and features.

1. Aura

This mindfulness app provides the consumer with daily micro-meditations that last only 3 minutes apiece. Aura helps users alleviate anxiety and stress with a technologically advanced, simple, and effective meditation system. It had been created by among the better & most sought-after meditation instructors and therapists and individualized by AI.
Aura allows users the choice to keep an appreciation journal, monitor moods each day, and pay attention to the noises of character. It even makes meditation into a casino game, as it gives you to level up as you learn and take part in daily challenges. This can be the right application for you if you have limited time each day to apply your meditation.

Users love the simpleness of the app, and its own capability to help create a sense of serenity and well-being within one’s mind. Some people do not like the fact that you cannot replay meditation clips as many times as you want without purchasing the full app, but overall people have found the free version to be very helpful. Continue reading