Finding The Best Portable Gas Generator For RV and Camping


Best Portable Gas GeneratorEven if you don’t own one yourself, you have probably seen an electric generator in the wild. They’re extremely common to see outside RVs, food trucks, tailgating parties, and even houses during power outages.

Electric generators generate electricity. They convert mechanical energy into electrical power, and when paired with outlets you can run your electronics off of them. The electric generators we’re looking at today are all powered by gas. Fill the fuel tank with gas, start it up, and electricity will be available via the outlets. Some support dual fuel, which lets you connect a propane tank to use propane gas instead of gasoline fuel.

Some of them come with household 20A outlets, while some come with 30A or even 50A for RVs, welders, and power tools.

Top Best Affordable Generator For Your House, RV, And Emergency Preparedness

Today we’re reviewing affordable electric generators. That doesn’t mean we’re going to recommend something unreliable and not powerful. We picked products from reputable brands that are at least strong enough to run an air conditioner in an RV. Note that none of the products on today’s list are inverter generators which usually are smaller, quieter and lighter than the style we’re looking at today. Those kinds of features cost more, which is why we have left them out of today’s post. If you want to know more about the differences, check out the FAQ at the bottom of this article. Continue reading