7 Best WeightLifting Shoes in 2020


Best WeightLifting ShoesContrary to popular belief, weightlifting shoes are very different from other kinds of athletic shoes.

Other athletic shoes are designed for running, and when you’re lifting weights, you’re not running at all.

You’re standing in one place, and hoisting up something very heavy. The best powerlifting shoes may even help you lift more weight if you get the right pair.

It almost seems impossible, but science is very simple.

What You Should Look for in Lifting Shoes

The best shoes for weightlifting should fit very securely, have dense heels at short heights, and provide you with enough support.

Weight lifting shoes shouldn’t be completely flat, because feet aren’t completely flat.

Our list is composed of both male and female shoes — squatting is universal after all. We should state that the list you see is in no particular order, meaning you should judge each shoe on its own attributes/features rather than a point of comparison to the previous shoe outlined.

Top 7 Best Olympic Weightlifting Shoes Of 2020

No shoe can make up for poor strength, mobility, or technique. If you struggle to stay upright while trying to get deep into the bottom of your squat or while doing the Olympic lifts, a pair of Olympic weightlifting shoes can make a huge difference in your performance. Continue reading